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     It was just another day on a world that didn't want them. Just another day of lining up, another day of counts, another day trying to meet quota...

     Until it wasn't. Things couldn't get any worse, until they did. By the end of that day an ordinary man is put in prison for displaying a dangerous power. His mind would be tortured by the mysteries of that day for years, while his body was subjected to the same by a sadistic scientist hoping to unlock the secret of Nahum Elko's power.

     And then one day, with the help of a swarthy, mustached mercenary named Turk Cochran, the two men escape prison and go in search of Nahum's long-lost twin, Naomi. The journey will take them across a whole new world for Nahum, a world believed to be dead in the centuries since "The Flight" of his people, the Elkosh.

     Along the way Nahum will fall into a middle of a war that isn't his and where it's not so clear which side to take. He will have to decide between family and friends, and whether the mission he began is what should be his ultimate pursuit.

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 coming in 2022 

     Endurance. Perseverance. Patience. Always patience...

     Two cycles ago, the Coalition stood on the doorstep of victory. A new alliance between the Republic and the powerful Amazonian nation have driven the Coalition to the verge of defeat. The few forces they have remaining have now been flung beyond Republic's expanded borders. In a desperate attempt to save their cause, Nahum Elko proposes a radical solution, a retreat to the grey sand seas of Luna, his home world. 

     These are our watch words. These words are hope and life...

     But his former student and new Guardian of the Republic, Kemal Khan, will not let the rebels go quietly into the night. Their rag-tag fleet narrowly escapes the Alliance's siege of Nairobi, the last Coalition stronghold, but Nahum Elko is lost in an explosion that vaporized the entire city and the enemy armies that had surrounded it.

     Luna is not the same world that the twins left behind. The laborers of Luna have thrown off the shackles of their oppressors, led by a group calling themselves the Desert Sisters. Having just finished a war for their world, will they now join Naomi and the Coalition and fight for a world that none of them have ever known? 

     Our time will come. Our time will come. Let it be so.



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